About Edward Leigh

I have worked as a consultant to a wide range of businesses and other organisations since working at Getty Images as Research & Development Manager (1994-96). I have advised on websites, technical installations, suppliers, legal agreements, marketing, and general strategy. I have also built many websites, developed databases and software for e-commerce, security, accounting and contact management systems, as well as a music recommendation engine.

My first startup, in 1997, was an online software licensing service (OSoLiS), for which I built every element single-handedly, from incorporating in the US to writing proprietary encryption algorithms for the licence verification system.

In 2009, I joined forces with Deborah Free, a highly experienced and well-respected professional in the stock image business, to create Visual Connections, a marketing services company whose main activity is running regular trade shows in New York and other cities around North America.

Also in 2009, I joined a team of four in founding the Young Photographers Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation that supports talented emerging photographers become established professionally.

Knowledge and skills

  • Website, database and software development
  • Writing marketing communications, reports & documentation
  • Photography, stock licensing
  • Scanning & print production
  • Cloud services
  • Accounting principles
  • Research & analysis
  • Technology & science

I hold a degree in philosophy and mathematics from Cambridge University (1989-92).